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The Assassin's Apprentice

An assassin-in-training must undergo a final test.  But she decides to do things her own way. 


Starring Marina Sirtis, Robert Picardo and Tarah Paige.   Produced by Howard Nash and Ryan T. Husk.  Written by Paul Hickman.   Directed by Russ Emanuel.

A Russ Emanuel film. (c) 2018 Innomagic Productions.

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TAA-2: The Story Continues

A sequel is in the works!  The Assassin's Apprentice II: Silbadores of the Canary Islands is currently in post-production with an anticipated release date by early 2021.  In this sequel, apprentice Kaylee is called upon to save the mysterious drone trainers known as the Silbadores from certain death at the hands of a team of  ruthless counter-assassins.  Her mission takes her through the exotic roads and towns of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, home to the Silbadores and to the shadowy TAA Corp. that employs her, and ends in a way she could never have anticipated.

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